You are a smart donkey

An old story with a current message:
Having dirt dumped on you can get you out of a tight spot.

A farmer’s donkey fell into a well. The farmer did everything he could to figure out how to lift it out, but there was no way. The donkey was down too deep and his equipment was unable to lift that much weight. He called his neighbors to come and help him figure out a way.

The donkey was whining and crying. None of the farmers had hoisting equipment strong enough to lift it out. After many hours of creative idea casting and trying, they decided he would have to die in the well. The farmer sent them home, then reluctantly, slowly started shoveling dirt into the well, feeling awful with every shovel full.

At first the donkey cried and whined even louder. It didn’t like dirt being dumped on it. It shook it off and stomped on it. With each shovel full the farmer dropped into the well, the donkey shook it off and stood on it. The donkey became calmer. A very smart animal. As it shook off and stepped on each shovel full of dirt, the donkey would eventually be raised up. After many hours shoveling, the donkey was able to step out of the well.

Moral of the story: when dirt is dumped on you, use it to lift you up and out of your difficult situation.

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