Do you think you can

Years ago no one could run a 4-minute mile.
Folklore says the ancient Greeks tried some harrowing approaches, like lions chasing men, to make them run faster. It was believed man could not beat a 4-minute mile. Then in the 1950s, Roger Bannister, a young man growing up in England, ran everywhere instead of walking because he loved to run so much. In college he trained to run faster. At one point he spent ½ hour daily trying to beat his own time. He believed he could run faster and worked at it. Get that? He believed he could and worked at it. He broke the record in 1954. Prior to that, doctors said it was humanly impossible. Soon after, another Brit ran faster than a 4-minute mile. Within a year, hundreds around the world did it. Once they realized it was possible, they were inspired and committed to do it themselves.

What are you capable of that you’re not doing?
What do you believe that you’re keeping under wraps?
Your mindset, assumptions, belief in possibilities, visioning yourself doing it
and working diligently at it are the keys to making it happen.

Whether you think you can or you think you
can’t, you’re right
.” ― Henry Ford


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