Put your whole self into it

When I facilitated programs for women in Moscow and London on thinking strategically about their career, they had the same work/life integration issues as women in the U.S.

–striving to do their best on every project
–determined to be confident, in control, yet not lose their true self
–wondering how to progress toward higher levels while juggling work and home life

I had to chuckle when they said women in the U.S. have more confidence and fewer challenges working their way up in organizations. If they only knew how many women I know who wish they had it easier making an impact in their organizations! I assured them that what they are experiencing is universal.A woman I’m coaching did something I think is genius. She’s a self-propelled dynamo always setting goals for herself and making lists so she can check them off. When her manager asked for her plans for the quarter, instead of including only her work goals, she added her personal goals.

–eat healthy snacks daily
–run or workout 1 hour/day to prepare for half-marathon
–get 8 hours sleep 5 nights/week

Submitting her quarterly plan with her personal goals noted at the bottom generated conversations about what is important to her whole-person success. Her manager understands her better now. She’s keeps her professional and personal goals top of mind throughout the quarter. And she feels a greater sense of accomplishment as she checks off what is most important to being her true self.

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