Be You

From the women I met in Norway last week to the men I met in Jamaica last month, they all had one thing In common: a desire to be their best self. Although different in age, type of organization, level of experience, they were similar at their core. We focused on what they could do to bring out more of their best.

We all strive to be who we believe we have the potential to be. But stuff gets in our way. Negative thinking. Other priorities. Comparing ourselves. Habits we allow to capture our attention.

What I want for you now and in the new year is this.
Open up the real you.
Untie the wrapping. You carry more precious gifts within. Be you.

Connect with what you believe is possible for you. Pay attention to it. Nurture it. Set it free.

No one else has your passions, your goals, your aspirations.
Your thoughts are unique.
Your perspectives are unique.
Your potential is unique.

You have much to contribute in your own way.
Believe in you.

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