Success pivots on relationships

What do you do with nuggets of information you want to remember about people who are important to you? Colleagues, clients, potential clients and friends who mention something in an email you want to remember. Don’t rely on your memory. That nugget will get covered with a lot of other stuff before you want to retrieve it. Instead, jot it in your Contact for this person. Check the Contact before calling them or seeing them at a meeting, and you have a meaningful conversation starter. They will think you’re wonderful for remembering something they said.

4 easy steps to capture info from an email to a Contact:
1) Highlight, right click & Copy the nugget in the email
2) Right click on who the message is From and Look up their Contact. Or, Add to Contacts if you don’t already have one.
3) In the Contact’s notes space, type today’s date, right click and Paste.
4) Save & Close the Contact. You automatically return to that email in Inbox.

When you think about what has helped you be the success you are today, I bet having strong relationships is near the top of the list. Let Outlook remember for you.

This is tip #2 of 111 Ways to Streamline Your Time with Microsoft Outlook.

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