Prioritizing saves time

Are you doing what is most important today? You made a list, right? And prioritized it? I made mine but didn’t add the #s. So, each time I looked at it, I picked what to do next. What a waste of time! If I had prioritized it, I would have breezed through the top 5.

Prioritizing ensures that you tackle the most important first. As interruptions occur throughout the day, you quickly weigh whether they are more important than your next highest priority. If they are, take care of them and then return to your list. If a crisis hits and you can’t get back to what you planned, you’re OK because you already tackled 1, 2, 3.

Most people want to be more organized. One way to test if you’re on track is to check in with yourself. Listen to your inner voice. Is it saying “What are you doing?????” Or, “Sure, this is good. Do it.” Trust your inner guide to help you focus on what is most important. Sometimes shifting gears is the best thing to do. It just happened to me.

I started to write this message about my seminars: Believe in You, Elevate the Leader in You and The Leadership Challenge. But I was interrupted, and my inner guide encouraged me to shift my message to the importance of prioritizing.

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