I’m proud of how she responded to him

I asked my sister in NY if she had ever experienced a man she worked with saying anything inappropriate to her. She remembered one incident as if it were yesterday. What she said to her boss’ boss in front of a group of men made me cheer!

It was decades ago, she was a secretary at a major airline at JFK airport. She was asked to get coffee for the men in a meeting, which she did without hesitation because that was the norm. They were a bunch of rough, tough union leaders meeting with the new VP of Security. As she approached the table with a tray filled with coffee cups, the VP made a comment about her that made her skin crawl. She put the tray on the table, walked to where he was seated and said, loud enough for all to hear, “I don’t care who you are, don’t you EVER talk like that about me again.” And walked out of the room.

Direct. To the point. Done. And she’s an Introvert. She is my role model!

She said he was a big mouth and was probably trying to impress the guys. She wanted to make sure he and those guys did not get
a wrong impression about her or how she could be treated.

Neither of them brought it up afterwards, and they continued to work together. He never said another inappropriate comment in her presence.

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