Write about my 2018 goals vs the jewelry drawer

Do I write about my goals for 2018? Or, do I clean out my jewelry drawer? I’ve wanted to unclutter that drawer all year.

Cleaning out the drawer would be a visual accomplishment. A check mark on my DO list. Plus, I could listen to the audio book I started a few nights ago. My husband was at a basketball game, and I had the plastic boxes he bought me at the hardware store. So, get it done.

A few hours later — at 10:01 pm — my heart skipped a beat when I saw the time. It had flown. The earrings, necklaces and bracelets were in separate slots. I was learning and enjoying listening to The Book of Joe / the life, wit and (sometimes accidental) wisdom of Joe Biden. I love the voice and tone of the reader.

My hands blackened from the polishing cloth, numerous pieces shining. One old hammered tin(?) necklace, probably hand made in Central or South America, a gift my mother received from someone she worked for back in the 1940’s, now had a bit of shine I didn’t think was possible. It was going in the Goodwill box, too dull to wear, until I tried rubbing it again. Patience and elbow grease. My father used to say we could achieve just about anything with that combination. He used it a lot.

As I listened to Joe Biden’s fight for women’s rights in Congress, his life-altering experiences and beliefs, his tactful (not always), positive approach to sticky situations, my patience and elbow grease were paying off. The hammered necklace is almost wearable now.

I asked a jeweler years ago if it had any value. No, she said, probably bought at a road side stand. After looking closely at a pendant my mother treasured, she asked, “Do you like this piece?” I loved it since my mother wore it when I was a little girl. “Then, that’s its value,” she said.

She was right. Some things have value because of the heart tugs they hold.

Having the pieces neat in their slots, and some in a box for Goodwill – for their next life – felt good. Knowing more about Joe Biden was a bonus. My momentary mental debate: writing about the future vs cleaning out the jewelry drawer paid off. Now when I open that drawer, my heart feels good. I did something I wanted to do all year. Writing about 2018 will come.

Enjoy ringing in the new year, whatever you choose to do!

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