Finding The Right Fit

Sometimes we have to try something that appeals to us to find out it’s not a good fit.

Years ago when I started in Human Resources, the recruiter role appealed to me. I was impressed with my interviewer, Kathy, who opened doors for me, literally.

Having rushed to get my resume there right after work, I knocked, waited, knocked again. Kathy came to the door to say they were closed for the day. I told her I wanted to drop off my resume for a position they had advertised. After a quick read, she said she’d call me the next day. She did.

I was impressed with her interviewing style. Ultimately, I got the job and we joked about her unlocking the door. A year later when Kathy scheduled an extended medical leave, I volunteered to do her role part-time while juggling my own so that I could experience recruiting and keep things moving for her. Within weeks I knew it was not for me. I loved interviewing and finding the right people for managers, but I did not want to recruit full time. I was glad to get it out of my system, and so was my manager because she had other roles in mind for me.

Recently, I started a new volunteer role that had pinged my thoughts for months. It is totally different, which I wanted, from my other volunteer roles. I love aspects of it but not enough to make it a long-term commitment. It’s just not the right fit.

I believe it is important for us to love what we do. Of course there are parts of every role that are not fun or enjoyable. But if it’s not a good fit, it means there is something else we are meant to do. Coaching for me is an ideal fit. I love helping people pursue their vision, stretch in their current role and try something new that makes a positive difference for them and others. Trying something new may be uncomfortable at first, but when it’s a good fit, you know it. Want to find a good fit for you? Let’s talk.

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