You are what you think

I read in my Daily Word this morning, “Whatever we bring into our awareness, the universe aligns with and seeks to support.”

We are what we think. We’re seeing it with all the fantastic Olympic competitors. They have worked long and hard on their goals, for years. I’m proud of all of them for being there, achieving their vision of making it to the Olympics.

Their vision kept pulling them forward even when it was difficult to take another step. Lindsey Vonn was referred to as “the turtle” when she started skiing. Her coach didn’t see any spark of glory in her performance. But she was diligent, committed, practiced, conscientious about doing what she had to do, and eventually he saw the possibilities of a champion. And she did, too.

What are you thinking you want to achieve? Picture it clearly in your mind – right now – a few seconds – it makes a difference. Bring that vision to mind every day, ideally 3x/day, morning, mid-day and at night before you sleep. That vision will keep your subconscious focused on what you truly want to be and do.

No matter how big or small our goal is, if we have the thought, we can get there.

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