Bogged down blogging

My coach said in response to my objection to blogging weekly that when you add love to being bogged down, you get blogging. She’s right. In fact, when you add love to anything it gets better. I’ve done it numerous times in different situations, and it works every time. For instance, when I’m doing a program and my energy wanes, usually in mid-afternoon, I look at the participants and think, I love these people. Every one of them. They begin to look different. My shift in thinking energizes me and fans the flame I want them to feel about the content. Whether we’re talking about believing in you, being a better leader of yourself and others, or streamlining your use of email – no matter the content, audience or location – looking at them with love increases my energy and shifts the way I talk with them. And now look what it’s done…’s helped me write this entry. Thanks, coach!




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