Your instincts

Rod was in turmoil about what to do. A seasoned project leader, he most enjoys helping others succeed, pulling together loose ends, creating a harmonious team that achieves its goals and more. The bumps, detours, people problems along the way energize him.

But this large project was fraught with problems, hampered by minimal resources, with frustrating, time-sucking snags beyond the team’s control, and unrealistic deadlines. Rod normally let similar challenges roll off his back, knowing they’d make it work in the end, but with each day he was getting more disillusioned. He’d had candid conversations with his boss, whom he liked and respected, but he was under pressure to produce the end goal, too.

Rod trusts his instincts and believes in positive possibilities thinking. After much thought, he asked for a sign from the universe to let him know – should he stay or should he go. Within a couple of hours, he received a call from a recruiter he trusts with three job openings she wanted him to consider. That was his sign – there are opportunities out there that need his expertise, it’s time to let go of this ongoing, draining, frustration and explore other roles. He was energized.

Rod told his boss he’ll be leaving and they’re working out the details. He hates to see him go, but understands, and offered to be a reference for Rod.

I’ve talked with other leaders recently who’ve decided to move on to something new, something unknown. They’re ready, willing, and open to apply their talents differently from what they’ve done for years. It’s exciting and scary, but they’re trusting their instincts.

I believe your inner guide – the positive one – always steers you in the right direction. Often, it takes quiet conversations with yourself about what’s important to you. Rod identified what he wants in a role, what feeds his soul, what makes him feel whole. He’s being selective about what he steps into next. He’s thought deeply about past experiences and knows what’s most important to him. With this clarity, he’s finding it easier to ask questions and discuss potential roles in interviews.

Rod’s instincts are guiding him. How are you doing with yours?

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