You turn

Last week, I wrote to you about making decisions and how trying to make a decision when you’re not sure which way to go can be exhausting.

I shared with you the concept of You Turns… those decisions that come from your deep, internal knowing, guided by your positive inner voice, regardless of what others think.

A You Turn can take you in any direction. You Turns are specific to you and all about doing what’s right for you, knowing what you know now.

They are about learning to trust your gut, your instincts. Listing your pros and cons, gathering perspectives. To connect with your You Turn, it’s crucial to get quiet with yourself. Allow your quiet inner guide to speak up. Listen for it. To give it a chance to surface, go for walks by yourself, focusing on the soothing rhythm of your steps. Allow yourself time to think and write your thoughts. Start with what’s on the surface of your mind, then allow what may be hidden to bubble up. If you need a writing prompt, try writing what could happen if you were to leap and allow your wings to appear, or if you were to stay put and pay attention to what’s possible with what you have now.

When I spoke with Tara, who I mentioned last week, she had been struggling with a big decision for weeks. I suggested she repeat to herself when she walks or runs (she’s a runner), “Thank you for the clarity you’re sending me.” Or, words to that effect that open her up to the message from God or the Universe or her inner wisdom that wants to come through. Being thankful for what’s coming is a whole different mindset than repeating unsettled thoughts. That suggestion shifted her thinking.

You Turns can be empowering. The most powerful ones are born of deep listening, understanding and creative thinking. If you’d like to be supported in making a customized You Turn in an objective, calm, confidential way, jot me a message. I live for this kind of work and would be glad to help you think.

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