You are a treasure chest

I was talking with a leader who is thinking about what her next role may be, having opted to take a separation package from her long-time employer. As I asked a few questions, I could sense some overwhelm as she thought of exploring what may be buried beneath the tangle of topics she focuses on daily.

I suggested a shift in thinking… Instead of viewing this exploration as a chore, view herself as a treasure chest waiting for the lid to be opened. As she opens it, she’s amazed at what’s inside waiting to be discovered, polished, viewed from different angles, in different light. She loved the shift. It became an enticing challenge she’s looking forward to tackling.
What may be in your treasure chest awaiting discovery or development?
You may not be seeking a new role, but you may be thinking about how you are perceived, what people think when they think of you. Or, you may know there’s something within that is important to you, but you haven’t focused on it or made it a priority… yet.  
I believe we all are a work in progress and will be until we die. What aspects of you are waiting to be uncovered, polished, brought to light that will make you shine even more as your true self?

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