When do you think

We all need time to think, explore, reflect, to allow ideas, solutions, possibilities to bubble up. Develop. Enjoy paying attention to them.

Friday afternoons are Beth’s best times to think, reflect, dream, visualize possibilities. She blocks an hour or more on her calendar at least a couple of Fridays a month to protect that time.

She’ll clear her desk, darken all screens, set her timer, put a blank piece of paper and pens on the clear surface, then get comfortable. Her brain recognizes the habit, knows it’s time to do some exploring. She’ll doodle or draw to unwind. Sometimes she’ll write a sentence, a question, a word or two.

What’s possible
What’s next
Dig deeper
Who cares
What else
Who else
Why now
Why me
Why not
What if
Let’s go
Be you

Word triggers like these kick Beth’s thinking into another gear. She allows thoughts to pour out without judgment. She delves deeper, expands further, flips ideas around, often surprised and energized by what surfaces, what she’s written. This practice leads to new thinking, different plans, outreach to people she wouldn’t have talked with about perspectives, possibilities, proposals. The buzzing timer sometimes is a surprise.

If we don’t intentionally give ourselves time to think, gems within us may never surface. What might we miss?

What might this type of exploration do for you with what you’re dealing with now?

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