What are you assuming?

I was starting on a project with Bill and had made a number of assumptions. I asked what was most important to him, and that clarified some things. Later, I asked for clarification on some of the things he had said. Hmmmm, some nuances that were important to him – and were potential game changers – came to light that had not been discussed.

This happens to all of us, doesn’t it. Here are some thoughts to consider. 

What are you assuming?
Is it true?
How do you know it is true?
What could you do to find out more facts?
What questions have you asked?
Don’t ask the same question again the same way. Ask it differently, and you may be surprised at what else you will learn.
Ask the person to describe the outcome the way they would like it to be.
Ask what they see in their mind’s eye.
Ask what could get in the way of that happening.

Use one of my favorite phrases, “Tell me more.” If they say, I don’t know what else to tell you, just be silent. Sometimes their deeper thinking will emerge, and they may tell you what’s really on their mind.

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