Unplug it

My motto for fixing just about everything is: Shut it down, unplug at the wall, spin around 3 times (or just leave it alone for a few minutes). Then plug back in.

It works for electronics and it works for people, too. The spinning always brings a smile.

I was reminded of this while talking with clients who are finding ways to unplug because it’s so needed. They’re working long hours, and have been for months, juggling more than ever because of cutbacks, changes. Some with new roles, or new leaders, or with people juggling challenges that have a ripple effect.

One said planning camping trips for her family and her friends this year is keeping her sane.

Another unplugs by walking.
Another unplugs by bike riding.
Another unplugs by going for a run early in the morning before everyone is up. She loves being outdoors when the morning is still quiet.
Another takes her dog out late at night and breathes in the quiet air.

Some unplug with arts, crafts.
Some lose themselves in a book, from mystery to history.

Unplugging is essential to our health and wellbeing – mental, physical, emotional. Just as our phone and computer need a complete shut down at times, so do we.

What will you do this week to unplug?

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