This energizes her team

Once a month, Petra invites a leader to talk with her team about what’s important to them in their part of the company. No presentations or PowerPoint… just talk. They can take the 20 to 30 minutes in any direction they want.

She’s been doing this for months and is delighted with the results. Each time she’s described what she’s doing to a leader she doesn’t know well, their response has been positive and they’re happy to talk with her and her team.

It has raised her team’s awareness of what’s going on in this global company, strengthened their thinking about interconnectedness, and they’re getting to know how down to earth and easy to talk with most leaders are.

Petra asks her team who they’d like her to invite and what parts of the company they’d like to know more about. She’s open to inviting people at all levels. Reaching out to those she doesn’t know has pushed her out of her comfort zone, stretched and strengthened her network, and she’s learning a lot, too.

Her favorite question to ask during these get-to-know-you meetings is, “How can we help you?” She and her team have been surprised and motivated by some of the answers.

These virtual discussions are adding levels of perspectives that are broadening her team’s thinking like never before. She’s looking forward to continuing them and seeing what the ripple effect will bring.

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