The choice is yours

This week I talked with two clients – in totally different industries – both facing challenging situations where they’ve decided to choose the high road.
One is dealing with a partner organization that wants to take more, take over, not act as the “partner” that was the original plan. Evidenced by behaviors of some of their people who aren’t talking it out, flushing out where things are heading, or the impact it will have on the clients. Just constant pushback and taking action on things that aren’t theirs to do. Turns out, it’s coming from new leadership.
The other situation is a peer wanting / needing support – a person who has a reputation for taking credit for what others have done.
My clients have a choice. Allow themselves to match the negative, limiting, stingy, grabby energy, or view their situation as an opportunity to look at what’s possible, what’s a better way to handle this, what’s the right thing to do. And consider the difference each choice could lead to in the short- and long-term. As a coach, I listen for the choices people face, even ones they don’t realize are choices, and help them choose what’s best for them.
They’ve chosen to view their situations as opportunities to be a role model of bigger, better thinking, better behaviors, better outcomes. Stretching their thinking for approaches they haven’t considered before. It’s freeing them to be more of their better selves. They know the choice they make will affect how they’re viewed and their growth in the long run.  
We all have choices. Every day. Throughout the day. In what we say, who we talk with, how we interact. What we do and don’t do. The choices we make build and define our life, inside and out.
I’m choosing to take a break from writing my weekly messages. I’ll be back in touch in 2021. Thank you for being one of my treasured readers. I truly appreciate you. If you’d like to read past messages, they’re all at my blog. Enjoy your holidays!

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