Thanks for the nudge

You know how sometimes you don’t hear back from someone and you wonder about it? You get annoyed, or think maybe they don’t want to respond, or they’re not interested, or you’re not a priority for them, or maybe they’re annoyed about something… and other reasons you make up in your mind.
I had that experience recently. Someone asked for a proposal, which I sent, tailored to their specific needs based on a phone call we’d had. No response. Sent another message saying I’m open to discussing any questions they may have. Nothing. After a few weeks, I followed up again. Crickets.
I went through my mental gyrations… they don’t want to move forward, the timing isn’t right, the price is not right, they’re looking elsewhere… all kinds of reasoning went through my mind.
I debated whether to email one more time, and I’m glad I did. I started with, “I know you’re busy and juggling a lot…” I also included the document I’d sent previously so they wouldn’t have to look for it.
When I saw the name in my Inbox, I held my breath a moment, said a quick prayer, and read through the response. The last line made me smile. “Thanks for the nudge.”
Often others aren’t ignoring you, they’re swamped with the unexpected, the volume, higher priorities. Give it one more try. Receiving an upbeat reminder or request – a nudge – from you might be just what they need to move forward.

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