Thank You

I have a thank you gift for you.
Every year at Thanksgiving, I like to send my past, present and future clients, colleagues and friends a thank you for the opportunities we’ve had to work together. It is such a joy helping you be the best you can be.

Throughout the year, my messages are about streamlining the way you work, deal with leadership challenges, relationships, etc. This time it’s about how to streamline YOU!

You know, we’re going to have many tasty treats over the next six weeks (Mmm!), and it’s easy to let the holiday hustle and bustle take precedence over taking care of ourselves. Yet we don’t want to start the new year off behind the 8 ball. Right? We want to look and feel our best. That’s important because when we feel good about ourselves, our interactions with others improve as well.

So my gift to you is to get Fit In The Kitchen!* Click to access.
Six simple yet powerful exercises to get energized, smooth out kinks, and ease stress at the end of your day. Doable at your kitchen sink! Do them 2-3 times a week and by January you will feel stronger, look trimmer and beam with more self-confidence.

You are the first to receive Fit in the Kitchen. Feel free to pass it on to your colleagues, friends, and family because they won’t hear about it anywhere else. Make it your gift to them! It works for men and women, all ages. In fact, the model in the photos is almost 60 and shaved her head to minimize hair care time. Now that’s one sure way to streamline!

I hope you will try Fit in the Kitchen and let me know how it works for you. Better yet, join me as I make the commitment to do this routine 3 times each week throughout this holiday season. (Tip to self: remove chocolate from kitchen.) If you have questions regarding the exercises, contact Peggy. She will be happy to respond via email.

Let’s start 2011 feeling good about ourselves in every way: Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Spiritually … PIES! Mmmm.

*Peggy K is a seasoned personal trainer in NY who offers customized programs for those who want to be physically strong and agile. A key feature is improving posture to optimize appearance and function for each individual. She’s not a boot camper. Her approach is thoughtful, considerate of your physicality, and she has a particular interest in working with women concerned about osteoporosis. See a sampling of what she offers at Fit in the Kitchen.

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