Thank you

As I was writing today’s message, I looked back at my Thanks Giving messages from years past and found that in 2020 I was feeling the same way about you as I do today, so I’m re-sending it here.

As I sit here writing to you, readers of my Sunday messages, I’m filled with appreciation and respect for you. I think of your very full lives and inboxes, and it touches me deeply that you read my weekly messages and take a brief mental break with my mid-week photos.

Every week for the last few years, I’ve thought about what to write to you. I mentally flag experiences, conversations, something I’ve read or heard, that triggers a thought that you may benefit from some aspect of it. I love sharing with you brief stories of what makes us stronger from the inside out and what Thoughtful Leaders have experienced. Because we all know genuine leadership starts from within.

I realize not every message I write hits the mark for you, but hopefully they do more often than not. A reader wrote:

Not every message is for me, but the ones that are, really ARE. I appreciate reading your weekly posts and noodling on how your message is relevant to me. Some I have shared with others because I just had to. It spoke to me and I know it may speak to someone else who needs it.

Thank you for reminding me I am braver, smarter, stronger and more creative than I think… last week was tough and I needed to refill that tank of “I can do this!”

That’s why I write. When something I’ve written hits home for you, sparks a thought, shifts a perspective, confirms a feeling or moves you into inspired action, then I’ve done what I believe I’m meant to do… move you along your path toward being your better self.
Each of you is unique. You have something special and distinct to offer. Your approach, your style, your talents and gifts have brought you to where you are today. And you’re not done. I believe you have more to learn, share and do.

I’ll be thinking of you during this week of thanks giving. Your willingness to stretch and grow nourishes me. I thank you for that!

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