Starts with B

I was asked recently who I enjoy working with most. That got me thinking about the leaders I’ve coached over the years, from CEOs to emerging leaders. I started jotting traits I admire in these people and, for some unknown reason, the words that streamed out started with B.
I enjoy working with leaders who: build, bridge, boost, beautify, bend, bring, blend, balance, bolster, banter good naturedly. They’re bright, brainy, brilliant. But they would never describe themselves as brainy or brilliant because they’re also humble (there’s a B in there). They know they’re bright, but they don’t brag about it.
That got me thinking about what they DON’T do: brag, boast, bluster, berate, belittle, blame, bully or bolster themselves over others.
They’re the brains and backbones of their organizations. They build and boost their people.
When I think of you and others who read my messages, I’m thrilled that you continually aspire to be and do your best, as I do. I view us as works in progress, always. A labor we all work on in our own way at our own pace. If any of my messages boost your thinking about possibilities for you, I’m thrilled.
As we celebrate Labor Day weekend, my wish for you is labor that builds bridges between ideas and possibilities, people and projects. You certainly have it in you. Because you are brilliant in your own unique ways and that’s what people value in you. Bravo!
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