Sending love works

My energy was waning. I had another two hours to finish facilitating this all-day program. I needed to do something because this is deadly when facilitating any meeting or program.
I asked everyone to take a brief stretch break. One minute to raise their arms, stand if they were sitting, twist, bend, take deep breaths… whatever felt good, do it.
To myself, I said. “You have to change your thinking about the rest of this program. This is the hardest time of day for you, and your energy will affect theirs.”
As I breathed deeply and moved around, I looked at each one individually and found something I liked or admired about them… their nose, eyes, posture, hair, voice, humor, quiet or expressive demeanor, positive or negative attitude about what we were discussing. As I did this, something about each one became apparent and I said to myself, “I love this person.”
I did it quickly. (I didn’t stare at them.)
I’d never done this before and was amazed at the results. The loving energy I intentionally sent to each of them was also affecting me. I could feel myself smile, my mindset and body language shifting, my energy returning.  
As we came back together, my mental alertness shifted into gear and we spent the two hours in good discussion with interactions from some who had not been as engaged earlier. We wrapped up with action commitments, some expected and some surprises.
Sending love to each of them worked. For them and for me. I encourage you to try it.

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