Role models

I was touched with pride by the older women who “manned” the location where I voted on November 8. I had thought about volunteering months prior when the request went out across the state, but didn’t. These women did, a small group of friends who decided to do it together.
They were welcoming, friendly and efficient, and I actually choked up a bit when I started talking with them because I knew they’d made a commitment to do something they didn’t have to do. But they were doing it because they believed in its importance.
No one was in line behind me, but a little while later the room was full. A dad was showing his grammar school age daughter how he votes in person. It was clear she was thrilled to be with him for this before-school experience. I wonder what long-term impact it will have on her.
These women were role models of stepping forward to do something they believe in. They didn’t let fear or others’ questioning comments stop them from being there. Thanks to them, and others like them, voting was happening peacefully all over the country that morning.
It takes courage to step up and commitment to follow through. We’ve all been in situations when we wanted to do or say something but held ourselves back. Maybe because of second thoughts or because of what someone else said. I’m grateful to those who allow the spark of courage to take hold and pursue what they believe is the right thing to do.
As I left the building that morning, I was proud of our country, thankful for the level-headed people who stepped up and did what they knew was needed.
What might you do this week to take a step toward what you believe is the right thing to do?

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