Put the hammer down

We all have the opportunity to grow each day in some way. Small steps lead to big change… within you and around you.

This past week I talked with a few coaching clients who had, at their core, a similar concern – frustration with what’s next. They want to grow and be viewed as capable in an expanded or different role, want to get past feeling stuck. What could they possibly do?

Put the hammer down.

A CFO said she beats herself up for what she has said, done, or not. She holds onto those missteps, mistakes, miscommunications as if thinking about them would change what was done. You can’t go back in time, only forward.

She’s becoming a better leader by working on what she’s learned from those misses instead of beating herself up for them. Our mistakes can sometimes be a gift in disguise. One we appreciate only with the benefit of hindsight.

Everyone is struggling with something. We all have something we wish were better or never happened. That awareness and what we do with it is how we grow. Everyone’s ego gets slighted and damaged occasionally, and its reminders stick like glue. But we can let it go. Know that everyone, even those who appear most confident, is dealing with something.

I hope knowing you’re not alone gives you strength to put the hammer down this week and instead:
-Go within and get clear on what you will do differently going forward.
-Reach out and help others grow and be more successful. Reaching out will help you grow in ways that may surprise you.

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