Emily is feeling overwhelmed. Based on what she’s already experienced, she knows the rest of this year will be quite challenging. Her company is merging with another, and she must get to know the people, their systems and their culture. It’s like starting a new job, which she hasn’t done in many years. Her boss depends on her 100%. She knows if Emily can’t do what’s needed, she’ll find someone who can. She also fills in for her boss whenever needed.
Fortunately, Emily is doing five things that will help her continue to cope and do her best.
Emily has gotten better at delegating so that she can focus on what’s needed for further-out planning. At first, some colleagues resisted, but she learned that by taking time to thoroughly explain not just what she wanted but also why she needed their support, they got on board.
2-Knows her purpose
Emily knows what needs to be done, why she’s doing it, and envisions the impact she wants to make. Keeping that vision top of mind helps her navigate through the stickier times.
3-Positive reinforcement
Emily’s boss’ boss told her that her boss couldn’t do what she’s doing without Emily, and she speaks very highly of her. (The power of a few specific words of appreciation once again doing their magic.) Emily does this for her people, too.
4-Personal board of directors
Despite her chock-full calendar, Emily is committed to staying connected with her friends who don’t work for either company because they boost her spirit, allow her to vent a bit, really listen and offer objective perspectives, plus they have their own challenges that Emily helps them with in their monthly calls. Having a personal board of directors has become an invaluable asset over the last year.
5-Interview others
Emily met someone virtually in a large group meeting and their delivery and content has stuck with her. She’s going to interview them to learn more about them and their experience with the company Emily’s is merging with. The interview approach works better for Emily than just scheduling a meeting.  
Emily knows that a successful transition is more probable by building relationships now. She also knows that by continuing to do these five things she’s on a good track to keep her overwhelm in check.

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