Loud voices

We’ve seen and heard it happen in meetings. Some people speak up quickly and loud enough to be heard…often. They sway the discussion their way because of how they express themselves. There’s nothing wrong with readily contributing, unless other voices don’t get heard, too.
Others may not speak up right away because they’re processing. They’re thinking about what’s been said, digesting it, and considering their response or questions they want to ask.
Don’t interpret their silence as agreement. Don’t assume they have nothing to contribute. Reflecting on what is said is a valuable gift. Asking for input from those who haven’t spoken can provide a valuable shift.
Be known for inviting the silent or quieter voices into the discussion. Many times, I’ve been delighted by comments or insight contributed by someone who didn’t speak up initially but, when asked, had something valuable to say. Or they asked a question that shifted others’ thinking.
Your results overall will be better and your reputation will be strengthened, too.

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