Looking forward

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to something and couldn’t wait for it to be the day. I remember my father saying, “Mary, it’s good to have something to look forward to, but don’t spend your days wishing your life away. Make the most of each day. It will be here soon enough.” Wise words.
He made me think about what I could do to prepare for the experience. I was reminded of this when I heard about Heather.
Heather is 12 years old and beside herself with delight over her Christmas gift from her parents and grandparents (both sides chipped in). She’s going to a scuba diving camp for two weeks this summer… in the Caribbean. She can’t wait. She’s visualizing what it will be like there with the other kids, in the gear, on the boat, under the water. She wants to build up strength to be able to do it with ease. She’s already started working on her goal.
Heather is learning how valuable it is to prepare for an experience she longs to do.  
What’s your vision for something you want to experience in six months? Whether it’s professional, personal, or both, you could celebrate experiencing your goal on July 4. Fireworks will mark the day. You’ll be able to say to yourself: I did it! I’m a better person for it. It’s made a difference in my life.
Like Heather, picturing what you want to experience is key. See yourself stretching your boundaries in the months ahead, making progress, doing something better than ever or for the first time. You can do it!  
Make your goal specific, measurable, achievable. Write it. Create a recurring calendar appointment reminding you of it monthly or more often with a photo or notes to power you up each time you read it.
If it requires a shift in behavior, write about potential bumps along the way. When/if this occurs, I will… (action). Think beyond the expected. You know anything you set your mind and heart on, you can make solid progress toward. Keep visualizing the outcome you want.
I’m excited for you and what you’re going to work on in these next six months. I’m glad to help you look forward, make progress, keep what’s important to you alive and progressing.
It will be here soon enough.
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