I believe in you

When someone says “I believe in you” to you, what does it feel like? Maybe they’ve said it differently – “I trust you” or “I know you can do this” or “You are what we’re looking for.” 
When someone believes in you, your viewpoint shifts, your thinking expands, your confidence grows.  
Rene was hired for a role that requires a seasoned leader with a fresh perspective. The Senior VP knows her from her last company, and he believes she is the ideal person for this role. Based on their interview discussions and his well-defined belief in her, she accepted the position. She knew she’d enjoy working with him and knew what he expected. He’s been adding to her plate since she started because he knows she can handle more, and she’s fine with that. It’s broadening her perspective. 
But the team she’s leading needs her time and attention. They’re apparently used to working for a leader who has all the answers and does for them when things are somewhat complicated. Rene doesn’t operate that way. She likes to develop her people, help them figure things out and understand how their role fits into the bigger picture. 
Her team’s lack of confidence keeps them from speaking up, particularly with those they serve at higher levels. Who knows what their experience has been in the past when they tried to stick their neck out. 
Rene wants to develop them into a high-functioning, well-respected team, but first she’s getting to know them as individuals to figure out their needs, their strengths, and their personal and work goals. These conversations will grow their trust in her, too. 
Visualizing their growth is going to help Rene work on this. I suggested she start picturing each of them working more effectively, more confidently, developing successful relationships with those they serve. By regularly visualizing their growth, she can more easily engage them in conversations about their future potential. She’ll be able to say, “I believe in you” and mean it. 
Who can you boost this week by letting them know you believe in them? 
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