Go within first

In the last two weeks, I regressed back to a bad habit I’d broken a while back. Starting my mornings by checking email, reading the news, etc., instead of going within first.
I find my thinking is much better if I start my day by going within first. Instead of hearing from others what’s on their mind, I seek to uncover what’s in mine. What’s on the surface or bubbling or buried and wants to surface? I know it will flow out only if I give it quiet, thoughtful time to emerge.
As I sit with pen in hand and my spiral bound journal in my lap, words flow onto the page. I’lI capture what I’ve done or write about a sticky situation I want to think through. It could be a message to you (like this one), something about a client or project, something to do for the non-profit I’m deeply involved with, the people I’m helping, family, friends… Not in any order. Not structured.
Thoughts tumble out when I give them time to do so. I write until I’m done. Sometimes it’s a page, sometimes multiple. Sometimes it’s a grocery list. Often, when I write more than a page, a thought gem or breakthrough surfaces that would not have if I hadn’t taken the time to allow it.
When I’m done, if there’s something that requires my attention later, I’ll fold over the page on an angle so it sticks up as a reminder to return to it another time or put it on my DO list. Then I’m off and running for the day.
You have thoughts, ideas, breakthroughs within you that want to surface. I bet you have some gems just waiting for you to sit quietly for a bit. I encourage you to try it… explore what works for you. But for sure, go within first.

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