What are you like when you’re stressed? What words do you think others would use to describe you?
If you wonder how you’re viewed when stressed, pressured, frustrated, or feeling insecure (some leaders’ egos won’t even let them say those last two words aloud), ask individuals for feedback. Tell them you put your armor on that morning, so you’re prepared for their feedback; you’d like them to speak honestly because you’re genuinely interested in their perspective. It will help you continue to grow. The best leaders are continuous learners.
Here are some questions you could ask:
-How can you tell when I’m stressed, frustrated, or… ?
-What behaviors or language do you notice?
-What impact does it have?
-What else do you think I should know?
How you behave, consistently, will produce the words they choose. Being even-keeled is the goal. That doesn’t mean you don’t get upset, but when you feel anger or a snotty retort rushing to the surface, take a deep breath. Hold your tongue. Count to 10. Talk it out later with a trusted colleague.
If you want a totally objective listener who will help you think about ways to respond, or deal with whatever you’re facing, I’m here for you. I have a couple of coaching slots opening in March.

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