Describe then listen

A reader wrote in response to last week’s message that when you talk with others about your vision for what you think is possible, often it leads to “growth – adjustment – alignment – evolvement – transformation – forward direction.”

Keep in mind, we sometimes get caught up in thinking we have to have the total solution before talking about our ideas with others. Instead, describe what you see as possible. Include what you think is done well, what could be better, and the potential positive impact if it were done differently. Then listen.

LISTEN first and then form your responses.
LISTEN to what they think is needed.
LISTEN to who is saying what.
LISTEN to who has ideas.
LISTEN to who has complaints. What gems are in those complaints?
LISTEN for those who are not speaking up. Ask what they are thinking.
LISTEN for who is willing to help.

You may be amazed at what you will learn that then generates ideas for next steps and maybe even some colleagues who want to help you make it happen.

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