Cake List

A friend who is an entrepreneurial thinker said it’s time to make a “Cake List” when I told her I’d talked with a few people in the last week facing major career changes, i.e., job elimination, company restructuring, intentional leaving.

“Marilyn” is one of them. She’s debating whether to stay in her current job of many years that is “eating my soul” or quit and try something completely different, most likely reducing her income and benefits. She is the income producer in her family, so fear is wrapped in this decision. But there’s also a joy she longs for, a freedom she hasn’t experienced in years, really tugging at her.

So, what’s a Cake List? It’s a way to identify what you truly want so you can have your cake and eat it, too. It helps you identify what’s most important to you. Activates thoughts of abundance. Releases limiting thoughts. Opens you up to possibilities because you have no idea what may be out there waiting for you.

Here’s how it works. Start by looking at the upside of your choices. Write the pros only, the things you value most in each choice (don’t even think about the potential downsides for this exercise).

So, Marilyn might write:

Positives about current job
–steady income
–excellent benefits
–co-workers I like and trust
–work virtually

New job
–feeds my soul
–more time with family
–use my skills, experience in new ways
–live in or near current home

Cake List – combines the two
–good income and benefits
–enjoy the people I work with
–can work from home
–work feeds my soul
–enhanced family time
–use my skills, talents in new ways
–live in or near current town

I would add: Or even better!

I would encourage her to accept her Cake List as possible. Visualize what it will be like to experience it. Stay upbeat about possibilities coming from unexpected connections.

If her Doubt Demon (last week’s message) starts whispering “no way,” send it off with thoughts of things that have worked out in the past in surprising ways. Don’t worry about “how” it will happen. Put it out there and trust that it’s coming.

Knowing Marilyn, she’ll also pray, asking to be open to possibilities, thankful for what’s in store for her.

Having an attitude of gratitude as you enter a time of major change can make a real difference.

Whether you’re considering making a change or a change is happening that you didn’t ask for, I hope you’ll create a Cake List of what’s most important to you. You may be surprised at how fulfilling it can be.

This approach works in your personal life, too.

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