Be true to yourself

What about you? How has being true to yourself affected your decisions? What does being true to yourself mean for you?

This past week two clients who work in different industries questioned their decision to not pursue higher level roles. They don’t want to now. They have priorities in their life that make them want to stay put. Is that wrong, they wondered? Especially since others are pursuing bigger roles. Will this decision cause them to be labeled or overlooked in the future?

They’re at different stages in their lives, they enjoy what they do and they’re good at it. They have teams that respect and trust them, and they’ve made a real difference in their roles.

We talked through their situations and they each, in their own way, felt better about their decision to stay true to themselves. It is key to their overall well being and success.

Personally, I’ve stayed true to myself most of my life, but there have been times I’ve questioned my decisions, beaten myself up with doubt, wondered if I was enough. Yet, when I tried to be like someone else, it didn’t feel right. When I responded like I thought someone else would in a situation, I wasn’t happy with myself afterwards. I learned from those experiences for sure.

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