I’d like to ask you to do something right now. Take a moment to listen to the sounds around you. What do you hear?
Now, listen beyond, what do hear further away?
Now, shift your focus to yourself. What do you hear within you? Go deeper. What’s inside you that wants to be heard?
We’re surrounded by sound all the time. Many people add to it. They wake up to the radio and turn on the TV as soon as they’re up and around. In the car, the radio is on the whole ride.
That’s a lot of incoming, a lot of noise, constantly.
But, you have thoughts within you that will be uncovered only if you allow yourself some quiet to listen for them. They’re not going to raise their volume for you to hear them, you have to lower yours.
I asked Max, “When do you give your brain a break, to let it think, explore, uncover?”
“My quiet time is in the car, after I drop the kids off at school… I turn on music I like,” he said.
“Is that really quiet time?” I asked. He went silent, allowing the question to sink in, allowing himself to listen to his thoughts. “I guess it isn’t, is it.” he replied.

Time to think is precious. Reflection reaps rewards. Quiet allows thoughts to emerge from deep within. Maybe not immediately, but you may be surprised what will show up when given a chance.

Give your brain a break.

When I suggested that to Max, he digested the idea he originally resisted, admitted it will take getting used to, but he’ll give it a try. He likes that it can reap rewards.

When do you allow yourself quiet time, with electronics off or not visible, sounds muted? Ever? Or, do you always have something on?

I’d like to suggest – some of you have heard me say this before – that you give yourself some quiet time.

What can you do this week to give yourself 5, 10, 15 minutes of quiet time? Listen to what’s inside that wants your attention. You have to listen for it. You can do it!

I know some of you love your quiet time and thrive because of it. I’d love to hear from you about how you do it and what it does for you. Thanks!

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