52 for you

Last April when the world was hunkering down due to COVID, many were dealing with additional stresses caused by changes in their work and personal world. It was a time of adjustment, to put it mildly.
I’d written a few Sunday messages about the importance of taking mental breaks – giving your brain even a few moments – to separate from what it was focused on or juggling, knowing research had shown over the years that brief breaks were good for both mental and emotional health.

I knew looking at some of my photos could lift me, momentarily, to another place, and it felt good. So, I decided to share a photo mid-week to hopefully lift you, even for a few seconds, out of your sea of emails.
The response was heartwarming, so I continued sending one every Wednesday. I enjoyed combing through my thousands of iPhone photos to find ones I thought would appeal. Fast forward… I’ll be posting “brief break” photo #52 this Wednesday. A whole year!  I’m glad many of you have welcomed the momentary escape.  

I have a question for you. For future “brief break” photos, would you like to know where they are taken or what they are? Some readers email each week asking, and I’m glad to respond. I’ve intentionally not included that info so that your brain is free to roam wherever it wants to go. But, if more of you would like me to include a few words about what the photo is, I’m glad to add it.  
I’ll look forward to hearing from you. If you want to take a “brief break” today, feel free to visit the rest of the brief break photos here on my blog.

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