1,940 things to go

Jack and I committed to giving away or throwing away 2012 items this year. At first I didn’t think we could possibly get rid of that many things in our home, but I think it’s definitely doable now. We’re down to 1,940. I just cleaned out 30 boxes of tea (I used to drink it and many were gifts), and various other food items that were beyond their expiration date. I’d like to say getting rid of 2012 things was my original idea, but it came from our dear friend Ashley who is always challenging herself to measurable outcomes. This one intrigued me because we’ve been talking about cleaning out the garage (but haven’t tackled it yet) for years. I knew having a # and date goal would incent me to let things go. It really has helped! We’re keeping a tab in a polka-dot pad in the kitchen so we are reminded every time we see it. It’s actually fun to look at things I would normally overlook and think — we haven’t used that, or I really don’t like that, and let it go!

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  • Love the concept! I especially like the idea of the polka-dot pad to make the process visible. I'm inspired. Keep us posted on your progress

  • I love to rid things out, and I also love measurable results. Very clever.

    I keep a big donation box in the closet, and I toss things in fairly regularly. Then, when one of the charities phones or emails about a truck pick-up, I'm all set to donate.

  • you inspired me!

    my husband and i started to re-home 2012 items too. though i think he is being a little tough with the count! i am re-homing 30 little bags of jewelry supplies on one day and he says that counts as 1 item! i demand a recount!!!! 😉

    thanks to you and ashley for the great idea!

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