It’s All In How You View It

Jack and I are headed home from our drive across the U.S., something we’ve wanted to do for decades. In January, we decided this was the year to do it. As we planned this trip, we were surprised at how many people said they would not do it. They viewed driving thousands of miles as too far, too many unknowns. We viewed it as a coast-to-coast adventure, and it has been. It proves, once again, that it’s all in how you view whatever you decide to do.

I believe we learn most about ourselves when we try something new. It could be a new project, an attempt to solve a problem, change a process. It could be thrust upon us from a reorganization or a new leader. Or it could be something we decide to tackle because it’s been gnawing at us, we know it is something we must do.

It can be tough going in spots, but if we view these experiences (some may say risks) as opportunities to grow, we learn more about our self and our capabilities, and it affects our perspective for the rest of our life.

When people said they hoped Jack and I would be talking to each other by the time we get home, we laughed. As introverts, we’re comfortable being together, deep in our thoughts. We’re still talking and enjoying each other’s company, but we did learn not to comment on each other’s driving.

I’m all about continually learning about myself. You?

Here’s an opportunity: If you’d like to stretch your thinking about what you are capable of, join me in my 3-month, small group Mastermind focused on assessing, approaching and accomplishing risks you want to (or must) take. It’s a great way to broaden your thinking about yourself. You can read about it here. And apply here. Deadline to apply is 8/18. I’d love to have you join us!

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