Work ethic

Miguel is a bright, pleasant, polite young man, hard working and trust worthy. His strong work ethic inspires his dreams for the future but has also caused frustrations.

He left a reputable company because he didn’t feel valued by his supervisor (haven’t we heard that before). Then he separated from a friend/business partner who was coasting instead of doing the level of vehicle detailing they’d initially agreed to do. Now, Miguel has been on his own for 18 months committed to his own level of excellence with each vehicle he details. He appreciates how his business has grown from customers telling others how satisfied they are with his work.  

He’d like to find one or two (and eventually more) who want to make customers’ cars look like they just left the showroom, as he does, but he hasn’t found them yet. I suggested he talk about why he wants to make such a difference for his customers and why it’s important to him. His passion for doing good work was clear when he talked with me. If he talks about his work this way with friends and others, he’ll eventually find those who want to work for someone like him.

A strong work ethic is built into some people. You know who they are. Others may not have it, may not have been guided or raised that way, but may have potential for it… if they’re willing to work at developing it. Working for someone who cares about their growth can make a real difference.

Everyone has their own unique dream for what they want their future to hold. It’s crystal clear for some and draws them forward. Yet others may have lost sight of theirs for all kinds of reasons. You can help others rekindle their dreams with a genuine interest in what they have as their personal goals as well as their work goals.

Genuine interest is key. People can sense when someone is truly interested in them. There’s magic in expressing true interest in someone’s future. I’ll write more about this next week.  

This week, think about what your dreams are for your future, personal and professional. Write them down. That’s a great start.

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