Trying Something New

My tech guy looked at me with an odd grin. It’s going to be different, he said. Really different. I know. I expect that some of it will be easy and some … well, you may hear my primal scream when I can’t find how to do something that came easily in the past.

I made the switch. After working speedily on my PC laptops for years, I bought a MacBookPro. Why? Because I love my iPad and iPhone. So why not be consistent and have a laptop of the same ilk? Plus, my old, trusted PC was doing things that were concerning.

So, I have a choice: view this learning curve as a chore or an exciting new job. I’m choosing the latter. As with any new job, I’m zooming in on the details and zooming out on the bigger picture to get familiar with what’s what and set my goals for the first 90 days.

Here’s my plan:
– Get familiar with the lay of the land, what it feels like, its capabilities
– Research what is available from others who have been down this path
– Know who my go-to experts are for questions I can’t figure out myself
– Be patient
– Take risks
– Be OK making mistakes, learn from them
– Ask for favorite tips from a variety of users
– Set goals for what is most important for my success
– Prioritize what to focus on
– Visualize acing my goals
– Have fun with it!

Throughout this sometimes frustrating process, I will remind myself (daily) that learning to use this MacBookPro is like learning a new language. It’s creating new pathways in my brain. A bonus! Can’t wait to feel like a pro instead of a visitor in a foreign land.

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