Mistakes happen

You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you.” This statement hit me as if it were meant for me. It’s so true.

Mistakes raise our awareness. Make us think, question our actions, and decide what we will do differently. They contribute to our growth and strengthen us. For many, mistakes have been a catalyst for change. Some even open up totally new paths.None of us gets through life without making mistakes, so let’s embrace that fact and do something today that is a stretch. I’m challenging you (and me) to do something we’ve been putting off for fear of failing. Take a chance. We might make a mistake, but that’s OK because we surely will learn and grow from it.

I heard “You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you” in the movie, The Last Word, when Shirley MacLaine’s character said it. It came through loud and clear to me. I felt it was meant for me to hear and pass on. Now you have it.


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