Refuel quietly

The house is quiet. I’ve cleared the decks. I’ll get a cup of hot water in a minute. The heat is soothing to my brain, my body. I am blessed to have quiet time to focus on this writing.

You’ve read the first three parts of the series: Listen Thoughtfully, Question Deeply, Develop Mindfully, and now it’s time for Refuel Quietly.

I’m writing these words because I know my readers who are plagued with noise and distraction also crave quiet time to refuel. We all have our own way of doing it. It varies with each individual. For some, it’s getting out and walking, running, biking, rowing, doing something that connects with nature, to your source. For some it’s music, cooking, creating in some form. For others it’s reading, learning, absorbing something new. There is no cookie cutter for everyone’s form of refueling because we all must find our own.

I use the word must because it is vital for our soul, our wellbeing, our freedom and growth. Our quiet refueling is sacred. Yet, it’s the first thing to be let go for some with hectic schedules. And that’s when it’s needed most.

Quiet time is our refresh, refuel, re-energize time. It doesn’t require an extensive amount of time. It can be momentary.

I have a mental vision of me sitting with Jesus on a hillside overlooking a small city. Just the two of us on the hill. It is my go-to visualization when I want or need an escape. It frees me from the entanglements, the mental anguish of whatever I’m dealing with, whenever I choose to bring it to mind. It’s like a prayer, an opening, a breath of fresh air no matter what else is going on.

You, too, have the ability to bring to mind a momentary vision of yourself being, doing something that is restorative.

A friend uses red cars. Every time she sees a red car, she takes a few deep, calming breaths and centers her thoughts. She’s amazed how many show up on days she needs that mental break, even before she realizes she needs it.

Your way of refueling quietly is your very own connection to God, the universe, your source, your inner guide. You have an inner voice that guides you and will never steer you wrong. Listen for it. Listen to it. It is there for you and only you.

I’m excited for you and the possibilities that await you as you refuel quietly.

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