Look around, look around

Ever since I saw HAMILTON a few weeks ago (loved it!), Eliza’s voice keeps singing in my head: “Look around, look around, how lucky we are to be alive right now…”

My heart actually twinged when she first sang those words. How could she think they were lucky to be alive in the 1700s, on the precipice of war? They were facing the rumblings of revolution, the possibility of so much death and destruction ahead, struggles with the Constitution and yet, they focused on what would make our young country stronger with greater equality.

Eliza’s words embodied her positive spirit. Her worldview of the glass half full touched me at my core. Alexander Hamilton was obsessed with his vision of what he believed was possible. He was committed to creating something new, to fix what was broken. His passion opened people’s minds and helped bring forth a new, more equitable reality.

Later, as I reflected on Hamilton’s message, I was struck by the realization that this is exactly what I love about the leaders I coach and those I am interviewing. They embody similar strengths.

For example, a director of disaster management described his strengths this way:“humble, deep thinker, always consider the brighter side, methodical, big picture seeker, good listener.”

I was surprised when he said, “always consider the brighter side,” even in his line of work. Yet his commitment to what is possible and what improvements can be made energizes him even when others stubbornly defend the status quo.

Many leaders have had to experience tough times, difficult people, unreasonable expectations, devastating situations. With tenacity, a vision of a better future and positive self-talk, they’ve made it through, learned much about themselves and contributed to more positive outcomes.

We all are part of the history being made right now. We write the parts we play, day by day, in our thoughts and actions. We are qualified to carry out our calling.

When you look around, look around,what do you see as possible? What difference can you make when you consider where you are right now?

P.S. Here’s Eliza singing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK9c41WgNpc.

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