Go within

When do you slow down enough to go within?
I don’t mean paying attention to the thoughts that flit through your mind throughout your day (and night, for some of you). I mean giving yourself quiet time to be by yourself and ask what’s inside that wants to be expressed.
Just be with yourself, your thoughts, with no other input. Allow yourself to breathe.

I like to do it sitting in my favorite chair, feet up on the one-foot-high windowsill, facing the backyard, pad and pen in my lap. Another place I’ve had wonderful quiet time, and thoughts have flowed, is in my car. Radio off. Quiet. Parked. (That last requirement is critical for capturing thoughts 😉

A number of clients last week lamented that they wanted more time to think. One said she felt like she was on a hamster wheel and wanted to step off. I know what that feels like. When I’m not intentional about it, if I let it go too long, I’ll hear, “Mary, stop checking messages, working your DO list, and quiet your mind for a short while to see what wants to bubble up. Think, explore, capture.” It’s amazing what happens when I do.

I write what’s on the surface to get it out of my head, ease the chatter. If DO’s keep coming, they’re quickly jotted to unload them.

Then ahhhh, a quieter feeling sets in. It’s time to really listen for what’s there. It may be quite quiet. Underneath. A thought or feeling that wants to be explored.
Allow it. If nothing surfaces, ask: “What do you want to think about?” If the answer is, “I don’t know,” that’s a start. Keep going.

Because we each have our own paths on this journey through life. Our own messages. We must go within to see and hear them.

Today, take a few minutes to go within. Pay attention. See what your path wants to show you.
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