Crystal Clear You

As we begin 2020, here’s a habit to develop to make it an outstanding year. It’s a personal strategy to become more successful in something important to you. I’m going to do it. Want to join me?

It takes only a couple of minutes to get started and has been proven to make a huge difference.

First, list your strengths and attributes. If you easily get to 10, push for 25. Go for it! No one has to see this list but you. It will help you see what you’re really made of.

Now, here’s the daily habit:
– Picture yourself being/doing what is really important to you. You’re doing it well, with ease. It’s making a difference.
– Review your attributes list and picture yourself in sharper detail achieving your goal. The clearer your vision the better.

Keep in mind: Those who maintain a positive mental attitude about what is possible, and take action to achieve it, are much more successful than those who don’t.

You are what you think, so think of yourself as you truly want to be. Act as if. Mute the negative inner voice that drags you down.

In the long run, we achieve what we focus on, so pay attention to that focus. Bring the one you WANT to mind throughout the day.

To guarantee you won’t forget (as I sometimes do with New Year resolutions), create a recurring appointment in your calendar. Title it:
Visualize Crystal Clear You being / doing what’s most important to you. NAME IT.

2020 here we come with crystal clear vision of ourselves as we truly want to be!

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