What if?

Years ago I worked with Jerry, a manager who had a different way of looking at things. He loved playing What if, a curiosity game that invited broader and more creative thinking. Sure, it drove some people nuts, but others thrived because it encouraged them to think differently, to give airtime to alternative perspectives.

This game allowed lively conversations to flow on divergent paths. By playing What If, we learned how and what others thought. Sometimes, an aha moment would light up an unexpected jumping-off point. He loved when that happened. And because he was curious, people opened up to him. He’d bounce their points around in his mind, broadening his views on traditional thinking. It served him well.

During coaching sessions, I like to ask: What if you were to shift your perspective about…? I’m not asking the person to change their mind. Just shift their thinking to view whatever it is a bit differently. From another angle. From someone else’s shoes. From another history.

Regardless of what they’re focused on, frustrated with, enthusiastic about… It makes them think. That’s often where the magic of shift shows up.

During this turbulent time, what might open up for you and others if you were to start asking What if?

Here are a few to get you started:

What if they don’t realize their behavior has that impact on you, the team, others?
What if you were to continue on this path? Where might it lead?

What if there’s another path? What might that open up?
What if you did something you’ve never done before?
What if you were to try xxx as a pilot program?
What if you stopped xxx?
What if you started xxx?

Do you play What If? If so, how does it benefit you?

If you’d like to try this process, get in touch. As always, I am here to support you.

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