Take a break

On Tuesday afternoon, my inner guide was telling me to stop doing and sit still, get quiet. I had a lot of work to do, but it kept floating through my mind. Like a nudge I couldn’t ignore. So, I trusted my inner guide and moved to my favorite chair and sat with pad and pen. Allowed myself to just sit for a bit and breathe. Within minutes, I had more clarity about something that had been spinning in my head. I wrote my thoughts and got clearer. It was such a relief. I was so glad I’d stopped and allowed myself this needed quiet time to suspend motion and allow myself to take a mental break from doing, doing, doing.

When wisdom floats through your mind, or nudges you because you’re ignoring it… when it says “Be still,” listen to that inner guide. It will always steer you in the right direction. But if you keep drowning out your inner guide with noise and activity, doing, doing, doing, you won’t hear it. And you’ll miss out on the benefits that could come from what it’s trying to tell you.

If you have difficulty quieting your mind, try this form of breathing recommended by Deepak Chopra. It works.

Use your thumb to close one nostril. Breathe in through the other nostril. Hold your breath while counting to 4. Then with your third finger closing your other nostril, release your thumb and breath out. Repeat, alternating nostrils. Mouth is closed the entire time. Do this slowly, repeatedly to get into a pattern of deep breathing.

I gently push the “do” thoughts away and focus instead on a vision that always inspires me. Minutes later I feel alert, refreshed, glad I did it. And…the bonus…with unexpected insight about what I want to work on.

Hope you’ll try it this week, at least once.

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