Decisions, decisions

Tara is tossing and turning about a career decision, questioning herself over and over. She’s been looking for a job for months and now has an offer that would be ideal, if it weren’t where it is. She doesn’t mind moving, but it’s in a state she’s never visited nor had a desire to live in, and, if she accepts, she has to move there within a few months of starting.

She’s considering other possibilities. Gathering perspectives from those she trusts. Exploring potential scenarios (how she’d handle living with snow for the first time and months of cold temps, for example). At some point, she’ll have to make the decision. Stay or go. Not making a decision has been her decision so far. But she can’t leave them hanging much longer.

I suggested Tara get quiet with herself and consider making a “You Turn” – a decision that taps into her internal knowing deep inside, regardless of what others think or say, guided by her positive inner voice. This caused her to pause, shift, lift her thinking.

A You Turn can take you in any direction. You’ve made them, although you may not have thought of them as You Turns. Look back over your life. Picture times when you made a decision you believed was right for you, despite what others thought. How did it turn out? What did you learn from the decision? The wisdom you gained can help guide you now.

We’ll all have opportunities to make You Turns throughout our lives. Each one moves us toward becoming more of our true self, who we truly want to be for our future.

Just because you’re on a particular path now (mental or physical) doesn’t mean you have to continue following it. You can take a detour, rethink your route, your destination, stop for a while and get to know a place, then decide what to do next.

Should I stay, or should I go? Do I say yes, or do I say no?

Make a You Turn. It will be right for you in many ways.

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