Are you a good communicator?

Good communication is vital in every relationship, business and personal. It’s an ongoing practice, no matter where you are in life. A two-way street, and you affect the traffic flow. Even when the other is not communicating well, you can do some things to make a positive difference.
*Listen with an open mind, especially when you have alternate thoughts about what the person is saying.
*Listen with a still tongue to allow the person to finish their thought completely.
*Listen with interest in their perspective behind their words.
*Say “Tell me more” when you don’t fully understand or don’t agree with what you’ve heard.
*Resist jumping to conclusions or assuming.
*Ask instead of telling.
*Follow up again when you haven’t heard back. You don’t know all that’s happening on their end.
*Extend an olive branch when there’s been a rift.
*Ask what you can do or do differently to help the person or team be more successful.
*Ask what you can explain or provide that will help move things forward with better understanding.
*Ask what their understanding is to ensure they’ve got it.
*Express your thoughts clearly. Draft them for yourself if it’s a difficult conversation.
*Say thank you and mean it.
Being a good communicator comes with a continually moving goal post. Difficult conversations absorb even more of your energy.  
As the good communicator you are, what’s one thing you could pay attention to or practice this week?
If you’d like an objective sounding board for what you’re dealing with, I’m here for you.

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